Monday, March 23, 2009

Recession-ista? I think not.

On Saturday, I found myself in dire need of sunless-tanner (not just any brand will do, you know) and socks. By the way, did you know they stopped making white crew socks for women? If you want em, you have to buy mens. Sorry, I know I've just ruined your day.

So, off to the Palouse Mall I went. Of course once I got there it was not just sunless tanner and socks I was looking for, I mean, seriously. However, we are in a serious economic recession, so it had been a while since I've been to the mall, and the plan was to remain frugal.

I expected the mall to be a place of shame - a place where only those who are blind to our financial reality would go - a place where you are not to be seen. Spending money, of course, is something only the rich and careless are doing these days, right? WRONG.

The mall was PACKED. Like, waterpark on July 28th packed. There were lines at the dressing room at Old Navy (chalk-full of summer styles, by the way). Ross had just gotten a new shipment of clothes, and they were packed too. You couldn't even look through the racks easily, for all the people there. And the LINE at the dressing room? Oy. I bought some stuff. I even ran into numerous people I know. Weird.

But the weirdest part? I bought skinny jeans. Didn't see that one coming.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How embarassing

Well, I'm officially embarassed because it has been almost a month since I've posted. I knew this would happen. And I almost forgot my password to log in. I vow henceforth to never go this long again. Sorry. Oops. Moving on.

The Cougs made the NIT tourney, which of course, is not the big dance, but is nonetheless quite an accomplishment, especially for a team in a "rebuilding year." They play St. Mary's tonight at 8:00 and my eyeballs will be firmly glued to my television set. Go Cougs! No, I'm not in California with the team. However, if they make a run in this tourney and get to the final four, I'll be taking my kids to Madison Square Garden in NYC. GO COUGS!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I had a serious dilemma this morning, because I wanted to wear my Coug gear, but it is most definitely not green. So I settled for a green sweater for the 1st part of today, and I'll wear WSU stuff this evening. I love that this is my biggest problem today. :)
It's also Spring Break and Pullman is deserted. I'm trying to take full advantage. I got my oil changed this morning in 25 mintues flat, will have my studded tires taken off (which will undoubtedly stop the snowfall), take Reggie to the vet, and go to the eye doctor. How productive!
It has been nice to have some slow days, work wise, but I already miss the kids and can't wait to have open practices, so I can see them again. Then comes tryouts. Lookout! It'll be competitive this year! :)
Top o' the mornin' to ya!