Monday, October 26, 2009


Dear Pullman Transit Bus Driver,
You are the hero of my crappy Monday. You know, one of those Mondays where even the weather is depressing, your body doesn't feel right, and maybe something crappy happens too? Well, I'd like to thank you for doing your job well, and thinking of others, during what I'm sure was a busy day. Why? Because more people ride the bus when it's raining. See, I know, because I went to school at Western.

Thank you that you noticed me walking on the sidewalk in the pouring rain. Thank you that you noticed the HUGE puddle in the street about three feet from me. Thank you that instead of blasting through that puddle and drenching me from head to toe, you slowed down and let me speed-walk past the puddle before driving through it. You are a caring person.

Because while today was not the best Monday ever, you saved it from being the worst Monday ever with your kindness.

Thank you, Monday hero! You were a blessing on a very gray day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am WAY too old for this - by about 10 years.

But I guess this is what I get from working with college kids...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your source for all things pregnancy :)

1) I watched a rerun of Dr. Phil the other day, where he spent an hour talking about stay-at-home v. working mothers. I can honestly say I agree with everything he had to say on this, a very polarizing issue! He featured Heather Armstrong, writer of, as a guest expert, and hers is a website I read quite often. It's poignant, but also a little bit heavy on the language, so there's your warning. It's interesting to me that women who are probably quite intelligent, loving, level-headed people can so completely lose their heads over this issue! I'll give you a clue - there is no one-trick solution for every family. You gotta make it work how you can make it work! :)

2) Last Thursday, for the first time, someone recognized that I am pregnant without my telling them (my dental hygienist, who I see every six months like clockwork). I definitely have a belly, and have been utilizing the rubber-band on the jeans technique almost every day. Picture below.

3) Found out that baby can hear us now. His/her ears are functioning, and I should really start feeling movement soon (I have thought I felt something once or twice, but wasn't totally sure).

4) We'll find out if we're having baby boy Wang or baby girl Wang on Nov. 6th, as long as the ultrasound is clear. My bet? Boy.
Here's me at 17 weeks (on Sunday). Still getting used to the automatic setting on the camera. Can't figure out the right moment to smile - ha! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Although I DO have plenty of things to say about my pregnancy (I'll save them for another time), I thought I would diverge a bit and talk about the fact that I actually have many things going on in my life that do not have to do with pregnancy.

I also think about things unrelated to babies, which I'm sure will surprise my husband. :)

We are in a home-group Bible study with about 30 people from our church on Tuesday nights. This year, we are studying the core of our beliefs and how they match up with beliefs of churches like LDS. It has been eye-opening and fascinating. The book we're working through is "The Changing World of Mormonism," which I believe is older than me, and we all had to buy used copies off Amazon because it's been out of print for something like 12 years. If you have questions, it's a great resource.

Also, work has been pretty crazy the last couple months! We've had four home football games, a trip to Seattle and one to L.A., along with a few very fun and exciting volleyball matches. The volleyball team is ranked 25th in the nation, which is GREAT, but eight teams in the Pac-10 are ranked in the top 25, so they've got their work cut out for them over the next five weeks!

Homecoming was last week, so here's a pic of the "Coug Wall" stunt, and a video of the "Ball Back" pyramid. :)