Friday, January 22, 2010


Hee hee! Here I am today at 31 weeks. I love that this means I officially only have 9 weeks to go. Somehow single-digits sounds a lot closer than 10 weeks.
I am handling the gestational diabetes pretty well (I think I have a mild case, because my blood sugars aren't too difficult to control) and I had a good doctor's appointment today. I do need to have an ultrasound in two weeks, I guess, because my uterus is measuring big, and the doc thinks baby may be breech. Not a huge alarm at this point, but good to know.

The overly large baby could be a result of the GD, but they've been telling me baby has been measuring big ever since my first ultrasound at 10 weeks. So who knows? Maybe we have my due date wrong, or maybe I just grow big babies. I guess we'll see!

Thanks for being along for the ride - this pregnancy thing is pretty fun.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Fun and the Ever-Expanding Belly

The holidays this year were a blast, even though they were a bit of a whirlwind (when are they not, I guess). We were in Spokane for Christmas, then in Boise for the Humanitarian Bowl, then in Pullman for Men's Basketball over New Years. Just a little photo journal for you! :)
Christmas Eve night playing Beatles Rock Band with my mom and sis - this will have to count as my 27 week belly picture, since I didn't take one. Hiding behind the guitar!

Jeremy and I on Christmas Eve before bed. Jeremy is enjoying his "White Christmas" drink, while I'm am enjoying... the Christmas spirit? ;)

And lastly, here I am today at 29 weeks. Baby is healthy, but the doctors are still concerned about possible Gestational Diabetes, so I have to go spend another four hours at the hospital on Saturday morning for blood tests. Awesome.