Monday, May 9, 2011

Kid Rock

For my next "crafty" post, I want to show off the child's rocking chair makeover I just finished. I bought this mini antique rocker at a garage sale for $3. The woman I bought it from said it had been in her family since her Grandmother, and her grandchildren had used it, so she estimated 5 generations. It must be well-built, because it was well-worn but sturdy. Here is the before picture. The canvas fabric was pretty gross.

To refinish the chair, I sanded it, primed it (twice), and spray painted it white (twice). I added foam and batting to the seat, and covered it in fabric. A note about my fabric choice - I originally (painstakingly) chose a gorgeous Amy Butler fabric from, which came and was beautiful, but was definitely not home decor fabric (oops), so it wasn't quite heavy enough for this project. So I just ran to Joann's because I was sick of being patient, and picked out a fabric that would work. Gender neutral, bright, and coordinates with white. I think this fabric is ok, but certainly wasn't my first choice. In case you're curious, this was my first choice.

If you look at the "before," I didn't think the back looked very comfortable, so I wrapped and weaved some jute webbing and put quilt batting over that. However, since I didn't really have a frame to staple fabric onto on the back, I settled for making a slipcover. Here it is, with three buttons. This is handy if the back ever gets dirty, but I can honestly see the seat getting dirty much before the back ever would.

To round things out, here are some photos shot by the "momperazzi" of the chair being used.
Food on the face
Ready to get down
Getting down (so cute)
Back up
Rocking chair = Jungle gym

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