Monday, May 16, 2011

"Boob lights"

Is it PC to call these boob lights? That seems to be what everyone calls the budget-basement contractor favorite light fixtures that are in every non-updated house I've ever seen. They're everywhere, the boob lights! Our house has five of them, and they were hard to ignore in their polished brass, 80's glory.

But I didn't have the budget or the knowledge to replace all five of them, so I thought I would try the Krylon metallic finishes spray paint. Let me tell you, the process was not without challenges. first I tried to completely remove the fixtures from the ceiling so I could take them outside to spray and avoid the fumes. That resulted in me realizing that there was no way I trust myself to turn off the power, unhook the wiring, and put it all back together in working fashion. But then reaffixing the fixtures to the ceiling proved to be quite complicated and required Jeremy's help (he was thrilled!).

So I painted the living room and bedroom fixtures with Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint, and did the kitchen and bathroom in Brushed Nickel, to match the existing fixtures. The ceiling around this ORB light needs some touch-up, but I like the way it looks!

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Chad and Cate Kuhlmann said...

Boob light is correct...that's what we call them!
looks good!